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PSN Free Codes Documentation

Short history of PlayStation

Original PlayStation is the console which was characterised by sleek design and CD format. This allows the games to be larger and three-dimensional, and the sound was ahead of everything known so far. Within ten years PlayStation has become the first in the history of the console, which sold over 100 million copies worldwide. The real rise of the PlayStation 2 has set new standards in the category of consoles. The PS2 has brought with it a 3D Graphics in HD, online game and a great DVD player. In the case of PlayStation 3 HD it has become a standard with a built-in Blu-ray player. An internal hard drive and universal feature of online games have introduced many entertainment systems under our roofs. The eighth generation of video games, awakened to life with powerful system operator of the HDR for dynamic graphics, as well as with integrated streaming and social media, which enabled immediate share your best (or worst) moments of the game.

Definition of the PlayStation Network

The PlayStation Network is a network service used to distribute online games and other multimedia. It was created for the PlayStation 3 console, and Sony has expanded the service over the years to operate PlayStation 4, other Sony devices, and streaming music and video content. PSN is a direct competitor of the Xbox Live Network created by Microsoft. The service works on smartphones, high-definition TV sets, tablets and Blu-ray devices. Currently, the number of PlayStation Network users is estimated at around 120 million.

How to use PlayStation Network?

The basic requirement is access to the Internet. Then you need a device from which you connect to the PSN. It can be a PS4, PS3 or other matching device. You can connect to the PlayStation network via a browser, refer to the relevant website. To use PSN it is necessary to create a user account. It is relatively simple and requires only basic information from the client. Each real user is required to choose their own and unique username, which has from 3 to 16 characters and enter the e-mail address to which the confirmation is sent. After completing the registration phase, the client becomes a full subscriber to the PlayStation Network. In the case of PlayStation 3, from now on you can use the multiplayer mode to compete with other players, track your statistics and use other features that the PlayStation Network provides. PlayStation Store is an online store located in PSN, where you can buy games, music and movies. The store offers many payment methods, e.g. by credit card, and after purchase the game or other multimedia is immediately available to the subscriber.

PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now

The PSN is expanded by PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now. PlayStation Plus offers users more video games and services at an additional cost. These include PSN discount code at PlayStation Store or access to full versions of online games. PlayStation Now is a service that allows you to stream video games from the cloud. PlayStation consoles also allow you to stream music (audio files) through the Spotify service. In the case of PS4, PlayStation Plus is necessary to participate in multiplayer games. Membership in the Sony program is a must for fans of online games - Fifa matches, Need For Speed ​​races and the Call of Duty shootings. For this reason, after the creation of PS4 many users were unhappy that they have to pay for this service and did not agree with the amount of fees.

Intro to Free PSN Codes

Free PlayStation Network codes allow you to add funds to your PlayStation Netowrk account in a quick and easy way. This is done using realPSN gift cards that contain a 12-digit code that allows you to top up your virtual wallet. In this way, you do not need to provide any information or data about your credit or debit card. Gift cards allow you to buy video games, music, movies or other bonuses served by Sony. Of course, in this case you have to use them in the PlayStation Store, which is available only on PS3, PS4 and PS Vita consoles. You can also buy gift cards in a large stor e in your area. They offer different top-up values ​​ranging from $ 10 to even $ 200. Purchase is not different from buying a newspaper in the store. You can also get the code from the official PlayStation website -

Who can receive Free PSN Codes

Each player likes to have as many games as possible, great items, the latest movies and bonuses, but as we all know it costs a lot of money. The latest games on PlayStation are very expensive and not every player can afford to buy them all. In this case, the use of the console on which there are only old games or the lack of paid accessories does not give as much joy as it should, and even often leads to anger when people from our surroundings have them. That is why many solutions have been created that allow users to get free PSN recharge codes. Below you can find a few of them.

Free psn codes from points prizes sites

The first option is the pages that collect collect points for performing certain tasks. These tasks usually include sharing and liking posts in social media, solving surveys, watching commercials, solving puzzles, sending text messages or sharing your e-mail or telephone. For each solved task you get the right amount of points which you can then exchange for a free PSN code or free PS Plus codes. Most often, however, collecting points is ineffective and only takes a lot of time, and most sites offering this type of services are not worth trusting, they are not real and cheating users.

Free psn codes for trading virtual skins

Another known method is to get PSN codes using exchange for virtual game items or game codes. Many users announce their willingness to exchange on forums, Reddit or auction sites to exchange their code for items for other games. These are most often Counter Strike Global Offensive skins on the steam platform, Fifa coins, V bucks in Fortnite, or accounts or characters in other popular games. This is a very effective and fast method, however, it involves risk because you can be cheated by providing a false code or not getting it at all.

Free Psn Codes from contents and giveaways

A very large number of streamers and other famous people conduct contests or giveaway for free PSN codes. Most often, such projects take place on various social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Youtube. These types of contests are most trusted and people win prizes, but it is quite difficult because in the case of popular streamers many people try to win, so your chances of getting the code are very small. Of course, you can increase them by participating in as many giveaways as possible, however, it is quite time-consuming, and many people try to cheat in them creating a large number of artificial accounts.

Free psn codes on

After presenting all the methods, the time has come for the fastest and the best. We're talking about our PSNFreeCode service here. There is no better site in the network that allows you to get PSN free code within 10 seconds. We have a unique PSN code generator with three values: 20 $, 50 $ and 100 $ and it is the only trusted and working code generator on the network. The site does not require the user to provide any data, phone number, e-mail or contact details, all you need is just the username in the PlayStation Network system. With three clicks of the mouse you are able to quickly get your real dream game, an amazing bonus or your favorite disc. To get the code you need only a phone, tablet, laptop or computer and network connection. Of course, you must also remember your username at the PlayStation Network. The generator is available on every operating system, no matter if it is Windows, iOS, Android or Symbian.

The basic steps to generate a free code

  1. Visit our website
  2. From among the three available gift cards, select one of the appropriate value
  3. Enter your PlayStation Network username in the field provided
  4. Press submit
  5. When the window appears, confirm the gift card selection
  6. The generator will generate the right code for you
  7. Copy the code, use on the PSN platform and you're done!
Remember that each PSN gift card has its time limit. For a given user, a real $ 20 card can be used once a week, a card with a value of $ 50 once every 15 days, and a card with a value of $ 100 only once a month. The restriction was introduced due to the limited number of available codes.

First generation of code by the user

If a user tries to generate a free PSN for a given username, he will be asked at the end of the process to pass a very short human verification. This verification is intended to prevent fraudulent software and bots from extorting a huge amount of codes. We assure you that the verification process takes only a few seconds and you need one click of the mouse! After generating the working code in the last stage, 4 of its 12 characters will be hidden and replaced with $ signs. After successful verification, the hidden characters will be rediscovered and the user will be able to enjoy the new working code. Remember that on our website you will never have to give your data or download any software, the whole real process takes place online in the Free PSN Code system.

Try it now !

We were happy to give you a ready original project for your services. Now everyone in the world can enjoy the free PSN code no survey. Generating the code is very fast and above all free, so there is nothing to prevent you from trying today. We hope that you will like our PSN gift card generator and we are looking forward to get feedback from you. Do not wait, join today!
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